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Charity Event - June 22, 2024!
Connecting Communities with the Brentwood Centennial Celebration

Lemare Group is proud to promote Foundry Port Hardy and the North Island Youth & Family foundation in the sponsorship of the Brentwood Centennial Celebration!

Alumni of this extraordinary institution have gone out into the world and are making a difference in their communities, giving back to Brentwood and to Foundations and Charities. Learn about the Alumni connection of Brentwood School to Foundry Port Hardy, and considering donating to this important cause.

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Supporting youth & families in health, wellness and opportunity!


The North Island Youth and Family Foundation is proud to partner with North Island Crisis and Counselling Centre Society and our MANY community partners are thrilled to be bringing Foundry to Port Hardy.

Our goal is to build a permanent centre for Youth on Market Street in downtown Port Hardy/Gwa'dzi!


Foundry offers free and confidential support for young people ages 12 to 24 – this includes mental health care, substance use services, physical & sexual healthcare, youth and family peer supports, and social services – both online and in-person in communities across BC.


Meet the NIYFF Foundation and Foundry Port Hardy team!


Ann Hory.jpg

Board Chair

North Island Crisis & Counselling Centre 

Ann is the longstanding Board Chair
North Island Crisis & Counselling Centre Society. She is an active member of the North Island community, and a liaison between organizations. Her vision is of the development of programs and services that are self-funding, decreasing the dependency of non-profits on Government funding.

Connect with Ann!

Eric Dutcyvich

Eric Dutcyvich.jpg

Capital Development, Donations & Philanthropy Chair

Eric is the fuel to the North Island Youth and Family Foundation Engine. Port McNeill born and raised, Eric's career in Business and Natural Resource Management has evolved through the decades. His passion projects are now focused on the Key Determinants of Health and environmental sustainability, and answering questions of  equity in rural and Indigenous communities. 

Connect with Eric!

Christine Swain

Christine Swain Foundry Port Hardy

Clinical Coordinator, Operations Lead!

Christine looks after FOUNDRY PORT HARDY and everyone who visits! Christine is a youth counsellor and advocate. If you want any services, to talk with someone, or engage in any way with Foundry services, Christine is your go-to!

You can reach Christine Foundry on Facebook, Email or phone!


Ian Worland.jpg

Board Chair

North Island Youth & Family Foundation

Ian brings his career in Tax and Philanthropic Law to the table of North Island Youth and Family Foundation, offering innovative solutions for Social Enterprise and Donor benefits. His vision is to simply complex systems and allow equitable development and advancement to occur for all people. 

Connect with Ian!

Foundry Illustration scenes-12x12-30.png
“Deciding to Act May Take a While; Much Longer Than the Action Itself.”

― Danielle Wengraf

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