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North Island Youth &
Family Foundation

Working with Non-Profits and Community for better health, wellness & opportunities

Established in 2019, The North Island Youth & Family Foundation has a goal of supporting health, wellness and opportunities for rural youth, families and the Indigenous Peoples of Northern Vancouver Island and the Mainland Coast.

In 2024 our main goal is to help facilitate the build of the permanent location of Foundry Port Hardy, a youth health and wellness centre in Gwa'dzi, Port Hardy.


Our Story

North Island Youth and Family Foundation was formed in 2018 in a response to a call to action from the North  Island  Crisis  and  Counselling  Centre  Society,  and  our  many  Indigenous  and Non-Indigenous community health partners looking to build a Foundry Centre in Port Hardy. Since that time, we have demonstrated to Foundry BC and the Province of British Columbia that we are capable of creating functional, effective partnerships that will ensure the success of this project.

In May 2023 we celebrated a milestone, and opened the doors of our interim location of Foundry Port Hardy. We are now actively engaged in the process of bringing together the capital aspects of a permanent Foundry build, including fundraising and sustainable development planning. We need to expand the Foundry to meet the needs of the North Island Community.

The strength of this project is partnerships.
We invite you to join this team.

Our Clients

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