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On the North Island: Foundry Port Hardy, February 28, 2021 - While we wait for the Foundry Centre to get up and running over 2021 - 2022, there are many services and supports available for people who need them.

This list came from our "lead agency" in the Foundry process, North Island Crisis & Counselling Centre Society (www.NICCCS.org). Being the lead agency means that NICCCS is in charge of getting all our Foundry ducks in a row on behalf of our community partners, from site selection to finance, planning, fundraising, youth and family co-design of the space, service delivery consultations ... and more!

If you need support now, or someone in your circle does, these services are here for you. The main Foundry BC website also has virtual services and information to help you.

Local Resources: Phone Numbers!

  • Adult Mental Health & Substance Use (Island Health) Port Hardy – 250 902-6051

  • Adult Mental Health & Substance Use (Island Health) Port McNeill – 250 956-4461

  • North Island Building Blocks – 250 949-7330

  • Fort Rupert Health Centre – 250 949-6625

  • Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw Health & Family Services – 250 949-8131

  • K’wak’walat’si Child & Family Services – 250 974-5356

  • Namgis Health Centre – 250 974-5522

  • NIEFS – 250 949-5736

  • Ministry of Children & Family Development – 250 949-8011

  • North Island Community Services – 250 956-3134

  • Public Health – Port Hardy 250.902.6071

  • Public Health – Port McNeill 250.956.4711

  • Quatsino Health Centre – 250 949-7161

  • Sacred Wolf Friendship Centre – 250 902-0552

  • Salvation Army – 250 949-8125

  • Victim Services – Port Hardy 250 949-6335

  • Victim Services – Port McNeill 250 956-4441


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