Foundry is coming to Port Hardy - and other communities in BC

Check out this video from Foundry Surrey.

"The Foundry offers young people ages 12-24 health and wellness resources, services, and supports both online and at services centres in communities across BC.

The Foundry Centres provide a one-stop for young people to access mental health care, substance use services, primary care, social services, and youth and family peer support. The centres ensure that all young people in BC can get the care and support they need when they need it. Foundry’s approach:

• We focus on wellness, empowering young people to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

• We offer services created with, and for, young people and their families.

• We provide the right support for what each young person needs when they need it

• We ensure our services meet the changing needs of young people.

Together, we will provide safe, non-judgemental care, information, and resources, and work to reach young people before health challenges become problematic. Health and social services will be brought together in a single place to make it easier for young people to find care, connection,s and support for their needs. Whether a young person needs support for anxiety or depression, wants to see a family doctor, or is struggling with a stressful situation, we will make it easier for them to find the care, connection, and support they need.

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