Foundry Port Hardy: What's Happening Yo?!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Port Hardy, B.C. February 2021 - So, we all know that Foundry is coming to Port Hardy, but what does that mean? And what's happening?

Well, we're in the planning stage!

First, we needed to look around the community and map out available spaces. The spot for a centre like this needs to be big enough - but not too big! It needs to be near transit, safe, culturally welcoming, and have certain aspects suitable for a medical-type facility! After we figure out which spaces look okay... Then we have to have professionals like architects, designers and engineers come in and assess the spaces for suitability, and to make sure that our selections will work on a technical level - which is what we are doing now in February of 2021!

Next Step!

Next we start to engage youth and families about their vision for a Foundry Centre - that will happen in March and April of 2021! If you're interested in participating, FILL OUT THIS FORM ON OUR MAIN PAGE >> and get on the list to learn more! (oooh! Tiny Forms. So fun!)

If you join in, as youth and families in the engagement process we will listen to your needs, and you will get to influence the centre! The team of designers and professionals we brought in at the beginning will work with you to bring the youth and family vision to life! There is also an opportunity to stay on a Youth or Family Advisory Committee and form a long-term relationship with Foundry Port Hardy and Foundry BC!

Meanwhile on the North Island...

While all this goes on, the service providers who will work in the centre have been getting together and are planning how this will work - for staffing, services, and more! There are a lot of great people who will be sharing this space and supporting the youth and family journey on the North Island!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest in Foundry Port Hardy!

Keep checking back in on our Foundry Port Hardy website for information or call Chris at 250-949-8333!


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