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North Island Youth & Family Foundation Works on Sustainable Non-Profit Goals

Updated: Jun 22

Port Hardy, B.C. January 12, 2024 - In an initiative poised to redefine community health support, the North Island Youth & Family Foundation (NIYFF) has launched work aimed at connecting with traditional donor and philanthropic models with collective action and social enterprise models that help non-profits grow to become self-sufficient. The foundation, known for its innovative approach to youth and family welfare, has set its sights in 2024 on addressing critical healthcare challenges through collaborative efforts and education.

Eric Dutcyvich, and advocate for inclusive healthcare solutions, emphasized the urgency of their mission: "We believe in harnessing the power of community-driven action to transform health and wellness care outcomes. Our goal is not only to provide immediate relief by raising funds supporting the build of a new Foundry Centre in 2024, but to go beyond traditional fundraising models and cultivate sustainable social development models that help fund community Non-Profit work long-term. We want to create spaces for visioning of new models, while engaged in tried-and-true philanthropic models that we know create change. Our campaigns are not just about donations, they're about connection and though leadership."

Central to NIYFF's strategy is the development of partnerships between local businesses, healthcare providers, and government agencies. These connections aim to build up social enterprise frameworks, NIYFF intends to create self-sustaining healthcare solutions that endure beyond initial interventions.

Community stakeholders have expressed optimism about the potential impact of their initiatives. Local resident and healthcare advocate Pita Rosback is behind the Foundation. "This we are seeing a sense of community action and hope growing out of really hard times. This work by NIYFF is inspiring and a game-changer for our community. It's inspiring to see such proactive steps towards improving wellness access for everyone."

At Foundry Port Hardy and North Island Crisis and Counter, we thank the team at the NIYFF for all they are doing. For further updates on NIYFF's initiatives and impact, stay tuned to local news channels and our official communications channels!

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