The Foundry Process: Starting Youth and Family Engagement - We want to hear your voices!

Port Hardy, B.C. February 12, 2021 - Gilakas'la, Welcome! The Foundry Port Hardy team is looking to talk to youth and families and hear the unique perspectives of our community - and learn about what YOU think our centre should look like!

Our questions for youth and family engagement include but are not limited to:

- what services do you want in the centre?

- what would you like the centre to look like?

- what makes you feel welcome?

- what makes you not want to use a service?

There are a million things we want to hear from Youth and Families about how to make this centre a shining star in Port Hardy and something amazing for the future!!

Become part of our Youth and Family Advisory Committee, or engage to share your thoughts about the centre design and build! CLICK HERE >> to get on the list and become part of the conversation!

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